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Patient Story

Esther was the first DIPG patient to be treated in a sonodynamic therapy trial in children. We are grateful to her family for sharing their experience.  

A patient arrives for the Phase 0/1 clinical trial of SonALAsense’s sonodynamic therapy combining a drug, SONALA-001, and MR-guided focused ultrasound.

After following relevant news and information, the patient saw that the first sonodynamic therapy (SDT) clinical trial had been launched. At that time he was in the midst of a first recurrence of his glioblastoma. It was especially intriguing for the patient because of the noninvasive nature of SDT. After reaching out to the Brain Tumor Network and following other organizations, like the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, the patient became even more interested in the SDT trial at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center. Fortunately he was a fit for and able to take part in the Phase 0/1 clinical trial. 

“For us, investigating sonodynamic therapy is exciting new territory that’s been unexplored to date.”

Dr. Nader Sanai, Director, Ivy Brain Tumor Center

“It was an opportunity to do something potentially great for myself and for others suffering from the same disease that need hope.”

Phase 0/1 SDT Trial Patient

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