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Phase 2 rGBM


SonALAsense is now recruiting for a 50 subject, 3-part Phase 2 trial in recurrent glioblastoma.

Phase 2 rGBM Clinical Trial Design

Part 1 will be an initial drug dose + focused ultrasound energy escalation phase, where patients will be treated with two dose levels of SONALA-001 in combination with one of three dose levels of focused ultrasound as a single dose of SDT.

Part 2 is a schedule escalation phase where 6 patients will be treated twice with SDT. Then 6 patients will be treated three times at the recommended dose from part 1.

Part 3 will be an expansion cohort, where patients will be treated at the recommended SDT dose from part 1 and the recommended SDT schedule from part 2.

For more details visit our listing:

This trial is now recruiting, Contact Us to learn more about eligibility.

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