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Moving Forward with Confidence

to reach our mission and create value

SonALAsense’s Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT) is a noninvasive technology with the potential to be a safe and effective treatment for cancer. We have positive proof-of-concept results in a first-in-human Phase 0/1 clinical trial.

Phase 2 clinical trials are now recruiting.

SonALAsense has raised over $20 Million from accredited biotech investors, many of whom have personal experience with the tragedy of cancer.

SonALAsense would like to extend our sincere thanks to those individuals and groups that have invested in our mission and vision. We think of them as part of our SonALAsense family. We look forward to a future of building better health outcomes and enhancing the lives of people for the patient communities we serve. On behalf of our leadership team and all SonALAsense employees, we thank you for your trust and ongoing support.

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