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We are
About Survival
and Providing Hope

Treating Cancer Differently

Our mission is to transform patients into cancer survivors

SonALAsense was founded to create hope in the face of despair with Sonodynamic Therapy (SDT), a non-invasive way to treat and eradicate deadly cancers like High-Grade Gliomas (HGG) that typically require debilitating brain surgery that often leads to tumor recurrence.

SDT uses SONALA-001 and an MR-guided focused ultrasound device, a true drug-device combination. Both drug and device are required for a therapeutic effect. The phase 0/1 clinical trial in Recurrent HGG gives us hope as we pursue our mission.

We believe that we are capable of achieving our mission.

Leading the Way

SonALAsense is led by an experienced leadership team and Scientific Advisory Board of Key Opinion Leaders and is the first company to advance SDT into clinical trials.

 Our leadership has developed multiple drugs and drug-device combination therapies through FDA approval, creating the perfect team to advance SDT from bench to bedside.

Our Shared Values are Patient-Focused

Pursue Innovation

Instill Hope

Improve Life

Our values are what drive our commitment to our work. Our team is growing and we have opportunities for like-minded people to work with us to make cancer a manageable disease transforming cancer patients into cancer survivors.

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